Kindness Workshop

We were so honored to be able to collaborate with our friends at Little Nomad Shop, Art Camp LA, + Ask the Child whisperer for a virtual family workshop: Everyday Ways to Effectively Teach Children Empathy + Compassion. 
The workshop started with a zoom webinar roundtable discussion for grown ups led by parenting coach Joshua Castillo (Ask the Child Whisper) on strategies to implant teaching compassion + empathy effectively every day that promise to be impactful. Participating families had the opportunity to send in questions in advance or ask questions on the day.  

Then families were able to listen together as Anthony Bryant (Little Nomad Shop) read aloud Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld. The beautifully poignant story shares how one can be a kind + empathetic friend. The read aloud was sure to spark continued dialogue with families at home.

Families then were able to create beautiful art together titled: Hand in Hand, from Arielle Goddard at Art Camp studio. As kindness and empathy go hand in hand this project got big hands and a little hands working together to make the world a more kind and empathetic place. 

Theo+leigh donated downloadable kits + copies of Rabbit Listened to the families at Westside Transitional Village.
You can watch the Round Table Discussion here:
You can watch the Read Aloud here:

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